Red Hook Crit open for registration

The Red Hook Criterium returns to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal for the 11th edition on April 28, 2018

Red Hook Crit open for registration

Red Hook

The Red Hook Criterium returns to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal for the 11th edition on April 28, 2018.

Since the Red Hook Crit started in 2008, it has become the premier high-speed, high stakes event in the world of fixed-gear racing.

900 cyclists and runners from over 50 countries are expected to compete in the 2018 edition. This spectacular event is free for everyone to come watch and enjoy the festival atmosphere.

Red Hook Crit has just opened the registrations for Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11. With 400 spots for the men’s field available, and 100 for the women’s field, RHC BK 11 could turn out to have the biggest field in the history of Red Hook Criterium. Registration can be done here.

The event also includes a 5-kilometer running race that’s held on the same circuit and in the same spirit as the cycling criterium. Open to runners of all abilities, the 5k has become one of the fastest races in new york city. Registration is available by clicking here.




1 Stefan Schäfer - DE
2 Colin Strickland - US
3 Aldo Ino Ilesic - SI
4 Davide Vigano - IT
5 David Van Eerd - NL
6 Addison Zawada - US
7 Tristan Uhl - US
8 Evan Murphy - US
9 Martino Poccianti - IT
10 Daniele Callegarin - IT

The men’s race got off to a smooth start with three riders attacking for the first lap prime. Alec Briggs, who was clearly having way too much fun tonight, took the prime with a little wheelie across the line and then simply proceeded to keep pedaling with his teammate Eamon Lucas on his wheel. The Specialized / Rocket Espresso team clearly wanted to set the tone from the get-go. Intelligentsia Racing wasn’t interested in playing their game and sent Marius Petrache up the road. Petrache quickly built a 7-second gap but with a strong chase coming from Addison Zawada and plenty of other fresh legs in the field the gap was quickly shut down and with 23 laps left to race it was Specialized and Intelligentsia on the front of the field throwing punches at each other to see what would stick. Tristan Uhl was having none of it though and decided to have a go. His move drew out Lucas as well as Briggs who both try to get up the road yet again. Evan Murphy was next to try his luck at breaking the Specialized grip on the field but Aldo was instantly on his wheel. Colin Strickland meanwhile had yet to make an effort but seeing his chief rival close down a gap must have been his signal to launch. Only one rider was able to join the defending champion. It was none other than Stefan Schafer who had yet again made his way from the second to last row of the grid to the front of the race. Suddenly with 15 laps still to race the defending champion and the only person who managed to beat him were off the front together with an 8-second gap. Behind them, Specialized worked hard to control the field showing complete confidence in Schafer’s ability to bring home the win. The duo cooperated smoothly through the half way prime extending their gap to 15 seconds over the field. A two man group of David Santos and Luca Ursino attempted to bridge across to the leaders but that effort fizzled as Aldo continued to patrol the front of the main bunch. With six laps left to race, the gap to the leaders peaked at close to 30 seconds. At 5 to go a hard crash in the main field forced a race neutralization and restart. The gaps were held intact with the duo of Strickland and Schafer holding on to about a 23 seconds advantage over the field. With neither rider particularly known for their sprinting ability, it became a question of who would jump first. As the duo exited the hairpin turns with 1.5 laps to go, Strickland seemed to have Schafer distanced but the German veteran didn’t panic. Using the straights he slowly closed the gap until, with just half a lap left to race, Schafer jumped hard accelerating past Strickland to take the win.



1 Colleen Gulick - US
2 Eléonore Saraiva - FR
3 Carla Nafria - ES
4 Raphaele Lemieux - CA
5 Ash Duban - US
6 Jasmine Dotti - IT
7 Sammi Runnels - US
8 Tanja Erath - DE
9 Tamika Hingst - DE
10 Johanne Jahnke - DE

The nights’ main event got off to a slightly bumpy start with a quick post start neutralization and re-start due to an early crash. Once the race got underway Eleonore Saraiva, who won the Super Pole and her qualifying heat, went straight to the front. But she was quickly overhauled by Tanja Erath who won the 1st lap prime and went on to set a hard tempo stringing out the field. Lurking just behind her and showing no interest in exerting herself too soon in the race was Colleen Gulick. Meanwhile, Sammi Runnels found herself in the unusual position (for a race favorite) of riding at the back of the lead group that was still quite large. The field remained single file with Erath pushing the pace heading towards the halfway prime. Behind her Saraiva, Gulick, and Francisca Campos jockeyed for position. Heading into the prime the action really got going as Campos pushed Gulick far outside in the hairpins to set herself up to take the prime. A resurgent Runnels counter-attacked the prime sprint and drew out Carla Nafria and Gulick. But their move was short lived and set up a slew of counterattacks from all the main contenders. Jasmine Dotti, Ash Duban, and Raphaele Lemieux all tried their luck to get away. But with 4 laps left in the race, everything had come back together and the group began to wind up for what had now become an inevitable field sprint. Gulick took her spot on the front and began to slowly wind up the pace. With her head on a swivel to make sure her pace was strong enough to prevent anyone from overtaking. Saraiva briefly challenged for the lead on the back straightaway but Gulick had the faster inside line and was able to lead into the last two corners with enough speed to hold on for the win.


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