Tabla Rasa Gallery presents BROOKLYN PLEIN AIR, a solo exhibition of works by Gregory Frux, opening on Sunday, June 3, 2018, in Sunset Park.



Tabla Rasa Gallery presents BROOKLYN PLEIN AIR, a solo exhibition of works by Gregory Frux, opening on Sunday, June 3, 2018, in Sunset Park. With detailed depictions of the local waterfront, brownstone streetscapes, and Prospect Park landscapes, the work quietly reveals a painter of passionate observation with a deep sense of longing for his hometown Brooklyn.

Rowland S. Russell, PhD has been a friend and colleague of Mr. Frux for over 40 years. Together, they explored a diverse range of landscapes, including the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Strathcona Park in British Columbia, Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, Joshua Tree National Park in California, Northern New Mexico, West Texas and Eastern Oregon. In his essay, "Art as Ecotone," Dr. Russell writes about his experience directly witnessing Greg's practice as a “plein air” artist:

"...the landscapes I have shared most deeply with Greg have been the wilds of New York City. When I relocated back east from a dozen years living in Washington State, my Western friends commiserated with me over longing for the many wilderness areas I had grown to love out there. “When I really miss wilderness” I joked, “I’ll head to the last true wilderness on the East Coast – New York!” Noted author Barry Lopez once told me that if one wanted to truly learn about ecology, they should spend time in New York City. Over countless long walks and city-scape explorations, Greg and I have explored these notions of urban wilderness and city ecology, as artists and as naturalists, both of which draw deeply on close attention to detail and recognition of nuance, and benefit from constant practice and meticulous research."

"Whether he’s portraying quiet scenes from Brooklyn’s Prospect Park or the Botanical Gardens, intriguing remnants of New York’s varied industry (grain silos, cement plants, cranes, piers), large or small scale architectural details (bridges, buildings, brownstone stoops), poignant scenes from the neighborhood or engaging vignettes of people enjoying the city, Greg’s paintings invariably carry meticulous details that resonate deeply on emotional, philosophical and political planes."

Gregory Frux, Rail Pier, Oil on panel

Dr. Russell goes on to say:

"Greg’s work speaks eloquently to the complex relationships people have with their places; figures in his paintings are telling us stories if we have eyes to discern them."

"As a writer of natural history and scholar of 'sense of place' literature, I feel Greg’s paintings - both urban and wilderness subjects - evoke a unique and deeply felt sense of the human experience of place. In both his life and his art, Greg transcends the dichotomies between city and wild places. He is able to draw from one to sustain and inform the other, resulting in a deeper experience of both. It is art which celebrates paradox; embracing apparently contradictory themes without needing to resolve the tension between them."

In addition to an opening day "meet and greet artist's reception" on Sunday June 3, from 2:30 - 4:30 pm, there will be a panel discussion on Saturday, June 9, at 3:00 pm, "I'm from Brooklyn. What are you looking at?" with Michael-David Gordon, actor playwright, musician, Ash Hayes, interdisciplinary artist, model, Philip Kaplan, author, playwright, and Larry Racioppo, photographer, as well as a Film screening of Waterways of Hope, an environmental film by Robert DiMaio including a talkback with the director on Saturday, June 16 at 3:00 pm.

Gregory Frux, Lagoon and Bridge, Oil on canvas

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