Now in its 21st year, the Annual Black Box New Play Festival will premiere 21 new plays


The Gallery Players | Park Slope

The 21ST Annual Black Box New Play Festival is the Gallery Players' signature season-ending festival of new works by both new and established playwrights. Now in its 21st year, the festival will premiere 21 new plays, over the course of three weekends from May 31 to June 17, 2018.

First Week, May 31 – June 3, 2018:

  • “Uncomplicated Bereavement” by Scott C. Sickles -- Sarah is approaching 50, alone and lonely, and she just lost her father whom she had been taking care of for the last several years. As the funeral procession waits for her outside the church, she meets a handsome stranger dealing with loss of his own. Despite the circumstances, will their connection light a spark?
  • “Bowling In The After-Party” by Deborah Chava Singer
  • “The Woman at His Side” by Donald Steele
  • “Making Merry BI The Ferry” by Glenn Alterman -- Jules and Jim have snuck off for a night of fun and frivolity. They were planning on taking the ferry to "The Island of Fire", but Jim suddenly becomes fearful. Jules tries to convince that they'll never get caught and it will be a wonderful experience. Complications ensue as we discover the truth about their friendship and their relationship to their wives.
  • “The Social Drama Play Play” by Ivan Faute -- BRAD, a struggling playwright, works with his boyfriend GREG to host yet another opening night for his sister VICTORIA'S very successful playwright husband DAWSON. When DAWSON notices BRAD'S less than celebratory mood, accusations emerge about who is exploiting who.
  • “A Snail’s Pace” by Katherine Dubois
  • “Nowhere Man” by Glenn Alterman
  • “Being Sipowicz” by David Susman
  • “The Sleepwalker’s Mate” by S. L. Daniels

Second Week, June 7 – 10, 2018

  • “Yes No Maybe” by Xavier Toby -- One proposal followed by some even bigger questions. These two people may be in love, but she wants to look closely at his balance sheet before deciding how truly compatible they are.
  • “Absolution” by Mike Teele -- One sad Saturday evening, an ordinary middle-aged woman with a birthday soon approaching, seeks comfort in a confessional at the local Catholic Church. Okay, so she may be Jewish, but the priest is an atheist, so it all evens out. Absolution is a ten-minute comedy about two lost souls who happen to find one another in the most unlikely of places.
  • “The Audition” by Michael E. Wolfson
  • “When Romcoms Go Bad” by Ken Levine -- Putting a modern spin on those screwball romantic comedies (romcoms) of the ‘30s
    and ‘40S, the classic trope is set up (beautiful heroine leaves conservative fiancée for former lover
    who is a charming cad while her best friend offers comic relief) then turned on its ear. It’s the
    romcom ending you’ve never seen.
  • “Logan Comes Of Age” by Marsha Roberts
  • “Two Assholes On An Elephant” by Rick Davis
  • “White Out” by Dexter Jeffries
  • “Last Night At The Arcade” by Kay Ellen Bullard

Third Week, June 14 – 17, 2018

  • “Light” by Jack McCleland
  • “The Birth of Technicolor” by Mark W. Sasse
  • “Decision: 2020” by William P. Coyle
  • “The Final Word” by George Sapio -- Lizzie Featherstone, in the interests of education and social awareness, publishes an essay from a distinguished alumna. Political forces immediately try to discredit her, but she will not back down. The issue becomes a legal battle that serves as an allegory for the record of SCOTUS free speech cases in the 20th century.



About The Gallery Players

The Gallery Players has provided Brooklyn audiences with professional-quality theater since 1967. Located in Park Slope but beloved on both sides of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Gallery Players is dedicated to producing classic and contemporary plays and musicals as well as premiering new works. Recipient of the Off-Off Broadway Review’s 2000 Award for Lifetime Achievement, the 2013 Leonard da Vinci Award from the Beaux Arts Society, and the New York Innovative Theatre Awards for outstanding musical for Urinetown, Yank, and Like You Like It. The Gallery Players’ season comprises three plays and three musicals, covering a remarkably wide range of dramatic and comedic styles. The season finale is the annual Black Box New Play Festival, which gives premiere performances of new works by playwrights.

Gallery Players resides in a 99-seat theater in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Gallery’s reputation, critical acclaim, and popularity among audiences and artists puts it in an enviable position among its volunteer-only and Off-Off Broadway comparables.


The Gallery Players’ mission is to provide the Brooklyn Community with professional-quality theater at an affordable cost, to nurture and support theater artists, and to cultivate an appreciation of theater in future generations. Its eclectic programming of intimate revivals and ambitious new work in inventive productions has earned it the reputation of “New York’s Best Kept Secret.” Among its famous alumni are founding member Harvey Fierstein; Broadway regulars Nancy Anderson, Jeffry Denman, and Diedre Goodwin; New York theater personality Seth Rudetsky; and many others.

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