“Morbid Anatomy” comes to Green-Wood Cemetery

The Power of Images: Life, Death, and Rebirth from March 31 – June 24, 2018, at Green-Wood

“Morbid Anatomy” comes to Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood | Park Slope

Morbid Anatomy, beloved purveyor of the arcane, whose most recent incarnation was the quirky Brooklyn-based museum that abruptly shuttered in early 2017, will take up temporary residence at The Green-Wood Cemetery this spring. As former collaborators, the two institutions are delighted to work together again. Their partnership will include a pop-up exhibition, “The Power of Images: Life, Death, and Rebirth;” space for browsing Morbid Anatomy’s extensive library and ephemera collection; and a complementary series of conversations and lectures. Green-Wood’s Fort Hamilton Gatehouse (1877), designed by Richard Upjohn and a city landmark, will house the exhibition and library.

Morbid Anatomy, which presented exhibitions and programs in its former space in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn between 2014 and 2017, retains widespread interest in Brooklyn and around the world. The former museum was dedicated to things that fall between the cracks of high and low culture, death and beauty, and disciplinary divides. Its Facebook page, with over 225,000 followers, hosts an active dialogue on issues surrounding life, death, and mortality.

The exhibition, “The Power of Images: Life, Death, and Rebirth,” will examine art, artifacts, and ephemera designed to connect with the most universal of all human conditions: death. Rarely seen objects and images from Morbid Anatomy’s and Green-Wood’s own collections, as well as those from private collectors, will illuminate historic, cultural, and religious perspectives on mortality. The installation was curated by Morbid Anatomy founder Joanna Ebenstein and head librarian and programming director Laetitia Barbier.

Visitors who climb the stairs to the second floor of The Gatehouse will see Morbid Anatomy’s extensive library and ephemera collection, which contains over 1,000 books and artifacts. Its overarching theme is the intersection of art and medicine, death and culture. Ebenstein developed the collection over decades, as she acquired texts and objects from across the globe. Both the exhibition and collection will be on view, free of charge, on Saturdays and Sundays, 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. from March 31 –June 24, 2018.

Morbid Anatomy

Reprising Morbid Anatomy’s popular public program series, Green-Wood will also host a series of conversations, lectures, and events. The evening programs will be developed by Green-Wood, Ebenstein, and Barbier and will focus on how people around the world, and throughout time, have struggled to come to terms with mortality. The full schedule of programs, which will start in late April, will be available soon on www.green-wood.com.

“Green-Wood’s ongoing relationship with Morbid Anatomy demonstrates our commitment to strengthening and expanding the Cemetery’s educational and cultural offerings,” said Richard J. Moylan, president of Green-Wood. “Working together, we are able to provide new and interesting opportunities for discovering often-overlooked and under-researched areas of study to a wider audience.”

“We could not be more delighted to be teaming up with The Green-Wood Cemetery, one of our favorite places in New York City,” said Morbid Anatomy founder Joanna Ebenstein. “When considering where to host this next iteration of the Morbid Anatomy Library, Green-Wood, and the historic Fort Hamilton Gatehouse, in particular, was a natural and perfect fit.”

“The Power of Images: Life, Death, and Rebirth,” accompanying library, and programs will be free and open to the public. The exhibition and library will be open Saturdays and Sundays, 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. from March 31 – June 24, 2018. To visit outside of these hours, email events@green-wood.com. Information on a forthcoming exhibition and line-up of programs for the fall season will be available soon.


About Green-Wood

Incorporated in 1838, The Green-Wood Cemetery stretches across 478 pastoral acres in Brooklyn and boasts extraordinary works of nineteenth- and twentieth-century sculpture, statuary and architecture. Home to thousands of historic figures, The Green-Wood Cemetery offers tours of its grounds, concerts, book readings and other public events throughout the year. Green-Wood has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of the Interior. The Green-Wood Historic Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit membership organization created to maintain Green-Wood’s monuments and buildings of historical, cultural, and architectural significance; to advance public knowledge and appreciation; and to preserve the natural habitat of one of New York City’s first green spaces.

About Morbid Anatomy

Beginning in 2007 as a blog, Morbid Anatomy quickly expanded to include The Morbid Anatomy Library, an open access collection of books, artifacts and ephemera; the Morbid Anatomy Presents series of lectures, workshops, field trips and exhibitions around the world; a series of publications, exhibitions and films; and, finally, the recently shuttered Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York. Today, Morbid Anatomy produces events, exhibitions, workshops, and publications around the world. Morbid Anatomy is led by its founder, Joanna Ebenstein, and head librarian and programming director Laetitia Barbier.

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