December brings The 3rd Annual Roots n' Ruckus Fest to Red Hook

3rd Annual Roots n Ruckus Fest

December brings The 3rd Annual Roots n' Ruckus Fest to Red Hook

Jalopy | Red Hook

It's the 3rd Annual Roots n' Ruckus Fest at Jalopy Theatre and School of Music, a year-ending extravaganza with 2 stages, 30 bands, no cover and four nights of amazing music from Wednesday, Decemeber 6 to Saturday, December 9, 2017. And let's set the record straight, the event really is the 3rd Annual 10th Anniversry celebration of Roots n' Ruckus.

What is Roots n' Ruckus? 

"Roots n Ruckus" is Jalopy's night of folk, old-time and blues music every Wednesday, which started Jan. 9th, 2008. It is the roots of today's music - people playing banjos, guitars, washboards, tub-basses kazoos and harmonicas. This is the gig to go to for real deal folk music in New York City.


Wednesday, December 6th

Stage 1: Jalopy Theatre
9:00 PM - Wyndham Baird
9:30 PM - Belle Skinner
10:00 PM - Aaron Frazer
10:30 PM - Lord Youth
11:00 PM - Taylor & Rashad

Stage 2: Jalopy Tavern
8:00pm - Billy Woodward
9:00pm - Fatboy Wilson & Old Viejo Bones
10:00pm - Isto
11:00pm - Hannah Thompson

Thursday, December 7th

Stage 1: Jalopy Theatre
8:30 PM - Jalopy Chorus
9:00 PM - Jan Bell
9:30 PM - Queen Esther
10:00 PM - Eva Salina & Peter Stan
10:30 PM - Morgan O'Kane
11:00 PM - Mara Kaye

Stage 2: Jalopy Tavern
8:00pm - Dime Store Romeos
10:00pm - Skalopy

Friday, December 8th

Stage 1: Jalopy Theatre
8:00 PM - Eli Smith
8:30 PM - Joanna Sternberg
9:00 PM - Brother Roy
9:30 PM - King Isto's Tropical String Bnd
10:00 PM - 4:00 Flowers
10:30 PM - Tamar Korn
11:30 PM - Nat Myers

Stage 2: Jalopy Tavern
9:00pm - Joanna Sternberg's Weekly Jazz Jam

Saturday, December 9th

Stage 1: Jalopy Theatre
7:30 PM - Ukrainian Village Voices
8:00 PM - Miriam Elhajli
8:30 PM - Radio Jarocho
9:00 PM - Ali Dineen
9:30 PM - Litvakus
10:00 PM - Feral Foster
10:30 PM - Spirit Family Reunion
11:00 PM - Seyyah
11:30 PM - Karen Poliski

Stage 2: Jalopy Tavern
8:00pm - The Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues
9:00pm - The Horse Eyed Men
10:00pm - Crisco Dreams
11:00pm - Dr. Hop


No Cover!



Jalopy Theatre and School of Music is a community arts space offering live music, vintage instrument sales and repair, and music instruction for the whole family. The Theatre focuses on roots music from around the globe, with blues, bluegrass, American, Irish, African, Mexican and South American folk music, old country, old time and more!

Geoff and Lynette Wiley opened The Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn in 2006 in hopes of showcasing traditional roots music and its musicians, while teaching others to appreciate and play the music.