The Snowman of Cobble Hill (Canada, Eh?)

Village of kids turn out to build giant snowman in Cobble Hill

The Snowman of Cobble Hill (Canada, Eh?)

One of the things we do at South Brooklyn is google search for interesting tidbits about our great neighborhoods. Every once in a while, someplace out in the rest of the world from New York City pops up with something fun. And the fact that this one is from Cobble Hill is pretty cool. Cobble Hill is a small community on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, and it is also an amazing community in Brooklyn, New York, USA. The fact that it is Canada shows how much alike we all are; I could see the same thing happening in Cobble Hill Park when the blizzard drops a ton of snow on the green space surrounded by brownstones.

Go visit there great video and story about the community get together to build as big a snowman as they could manage.

WATCH: There was a heartwarming sight in all this cold, in Cobble Hill on Wednesday. The community turned out to build a massive snowman in the village’s downtown. Skye Ryan has the story.