A Red Hook Original Returns from Sandy Hell with a 3 Day Celebration

Sunny Balzanno (in Red) celebrates as Sunny's Bar is reopened 10 months after Hurricane Sandy

A Red Hook Original Returns from Sandy Hell with a 3 Day Celebration

Red Hook

Sunny's Bar has always been in Red Hook. So it seemed, until along came Sandy, almost destroying the beloved waterfront bar.

Walking into the establishment returned patrons to the days when Red Hook and Brooklyn led the nation in maritime pursuits. One felt like you had entered a scene from "On the Waterfront."

The Balzanno's operated the longshoreman's restaurant and bar continuously since the late 1800's. Sunny Balzanno continued the family tradition when he took over the family property in the late 1990's, creating Sunny's Bar.

Super storm Sandy changed all that. When the storm surge barreled up Conover Street, water flooded the basement to the ceiling, and left 2 feet of water in the bar area. The force of the water undermined the buildings structure and repairs were extensive and expensive.

The Red Hook community responded to its beloved speakeasy.

Volunteers helped pump the water from the building. Two fundraising campaigns, benefit concerts, and donations by its many previous patrons raised $100,000. The funds were used to completely fix the damage in the basement and to the foundation, as well as replace nearly all the mechanicals and appliances needed to reopen the business.

Sunny's Bar celebrated the reopening with a 3 Day REBIRTH Party, beginning with a ribbon cutting on Thursday, August 29, at 7:30pm. Music was provided by the Luna Sisters.

Sunny's is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8pm to 4am. Saturday from 4pm to 4am and Sunday from 4pm to Midnight. Visit sunnysredhook.com for special events including music and art shows in the back room.

Sunny's is located at 253 Conover St, Brooklyn, NY, 11231, at the end of Conover Street in Red Hook.