High Tech is coming to former Brooklyn World War II shipbuiding site

High Tech the size of the Empire State Building is coming to the Navy Yard

High Tech is coming to former Brooklyn World War II shipbuiding site

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According to Bloomberg News' David M Levitt on January 31, 2018:

America may never recover its glory as a manufacturing powerhouse, but the Brooklyn Navy Yard is doing what it can, transforming itself from a 20th-century warship builder to a 21st-century high-tech hub.

The new building plan is for 5.1 million more square feet (474,000 square meters). A little more than half of it will be in a single, vast complex with about the total square footage of the Empire State Building, bringing the yard’s total workforce to about 30,000.

The navy yard has sought a balance of creative types and traditional working-class Americans at the site where the U.S.S. Arizona was launched. A representative employer there is Steiner Studios, a Hollywood-style film lot where about 60 percent of the jobs are for carpenters, woodworkers and other people who work with their hands. And the yard has thrived.

Clare Newman, chief of staff and executive vice president of the development corporation, pointed to the yard’s track record.

“We’ve reached a point where we have really finished rehabbing all of the existing buildings at the yard, and we’ve been over 99 percent leased for the past decade,” Newman said. “So there’s clearly demand out there, and we want to make sure we’re continuing to add space to support these manufacturing businesses and, most importantly, to support the kinds of jobs they create.”

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The Brooklyn Navy Yard Via Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation.