Water Works: An Exhibition of New Orleans Artists​

Water Works: An Exhibition of New Orleans Artists​

Proteus Gowanus: 543 Union Street; Gowanus

Water Works is the fifth and final exhibition of the Water Year at Proteus Gowanus, opening Saturday, May 31, with a party from 6-8:30pm.

It is a group exhibition featuring the work of 16 visual artists from New Orleans. Our gallery is located in low-lying Gowanus, Brooklyn, one of many areas where Superstorm Sandy’s tidal surge visited our streets and homes. We now feel more than ever a solidarity with our sister city and a shared spirit of Edgeness.
The term Water Works is derived from the board game, Monopoly. The simple line drawing of the Water Works card serves as an innocent signifier of the water we drink, cook and bathe with, while also suggesting the complex infrastructure that delivers it. But the card has a darker side. Its text implies that a roll-of-the-dice determines our access to water and that unseen forces control its flow. While the Water Works image invokes the infrastructures and agencies that deliver our water, the phrase also serves as a metaphor for tears ("Turning on the waterworks"). 
Our DJ for the evening, music writer John Swenson has told the post-Katrina story of New Orleans music in New Orleans, The New Atlantis. As he says, "In 2005, the flood following Hurricane Katrina resulted in the forced depopulation of the city and permanent relocation for many of the city’s poorest residents. The culture seemed in danger of extinction but musicians returned to restore it as best as they could. Their performances and songs about the tragic events following Katrina created a new chapter in the city’s musical history." Swenson will replay some of this musical story for us during the evening.

Exhibition Curator and artist: Christopher Saucedo, who suffered losses in both the Katrina flood and Superstorm Sandy

Artists: Kevin Baer, Gina Phillips, G.A.S., Laura Gipson, Jessica Goldfinch, Cheryl Hayes, Rachel Jones Deris, Matthew Kirscht, Holger Lang*, Malcolm McClay, Anastasia Pelias, Christopher Saucedo, Dan Tague, Ashley Robins-Tague, Michel Varisco, Monica Zeringue

*all artists included in this exhibition are working in New Orleans except Holger Lang, from Vienna, Austria.

Gallery Hours
Thurs & Fri: 3 – 6
Sat & Sun: 12 – 6

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