It's Gowanus Challenge weekend!

The Gowanus Dredgers officially issue a challenge o test your mettle during the Gowanus Superfun(d) race on Saturday, June 8, 2019, on the Gowanus Canal,

It's Gowanus Challenge weekend!

Gowanus Canal | Gowanus

The Gowanus Dredgers officially issue a challenge to you, and/or your boathouse to test your mettle during the Gowanus Superfun(d) race on Saturday, June 8, 2019, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, on our home turf, the mighty Gowanus Canal, once the life blood of Manufacturing Brooklyn.

It's now being called the “Venice of Brooklyn” by real estate developers alongside a growing "Makers" collection of creative industrialists. Funds raised will support boathouse improvements (restroom, lighting, equipment, etc.) and facility operational costs.

The course is a 2.5 mile round trip from the Gowanus Dredgers Boathouse at 165 2nd St. to the buoy at mouth of Gowanus Bay and return. First heat will depart 2pm and event should wrap up by 5pm with a Post Race Banquet and Awards Ceremony starting at 4pm.

Teams will race using canoes provided by the Gowanus Dredgers or you my bring your own.  Kayakers, rowers & Stand Up Paddle-boarders are welcome to join but no prizes (sorry). 1st-5th place prizes will be awarded to those with the best times. If enough funds are raised, prizes may be awarded for:

  • Highest total pledge amount
  • Best dressed crew
  • Coolest team name
  • Largest number of sponsors

The teams are asked to try and raise $500 but any donation will allow a team to race.

The weekend kicks off with a tour as part of Outdoorfest, 10-days of outdoor adventure in the five boroughs of New York City that includes a sunset voyage on the Gowanus Canal.  Outdoorfest is accepting reservations for this fantastic Gowanus voyage!

Tour will be led by Owen Foote, Gowanus urban planner/architect, adventurer and founding member of the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, to discuss the past present and future of the historic waterway.

Gowanus Canal Shoreline Art Walk

The shape of water pumping through the Gowanus Canal has been inspiring creativity for decades. Join the Gowanus Dredgers on Saturday, June 8, 2019, from 11:00am to 1:00pm for a stroll along the Gowanus shoreline and streets to view the quirky art and athletic scene of Gowanus.  In a neighborhood once notorious for industrial pollution and the death of waterfront marine life, a vibrant renaissance is underway. 

Purchase Tickets (before 8am day of walk)

There is a growing manufacturing, culinary and artistic creativity that the Dredgers hope to sustain and grow when the area is redeveloped in the near future.   Gowanus has additional athletic options after the walk, including free canoeing, rock climbing, archery, fencing, shuffleboard and even axe throwing for you to enjoy.

Our narrated neighborhood tour runs rain or shine at 11am on the 2nd Saturday of each month, beginning inside the Gowanus Souvenir Shop at 567 Union Street and will discuss the neighborhood's history, recent past, anticipated changes and how to get involved to ensure the neighborhood growth supports the exciting dynamics between business, art and recreation activity in our neighborhood.  Tours are led by Rich Garr, a local artist and guide specializing in street art and he will cover basic history of the area from the Lenape era to the present.

Every month, our tour evolves depending on public art, events, and accessibility of hidden treasures, art studios and galleries. The monthly tour evolves depending on public art, events, and accessibility of hidden treasures, art studios and galleries. The walk may conclude at a Gowanus brewery, a neighborhood hidden gem or the boathouse where participants may embark on a FREE self-guided canoe voyage during the summer months.

A $25 contribution per person is requested as a donation to sustain the Dredgers programs or contact us for large group pricing. Heavy rain will cancel but if it's only a light drizzle and we'll still walk as that's a great opportunity to see live sewer overflows!

Lighten Up Brooklyn on Gowanus Canal

Join the Dredgers on Sunday, June 9, 2019, from 10:00am to 11:30am or an athletic, calorie-burning workout voyage to promote clarity of mind, time away from screens and focus on navigation.

This exercise program teaches new skills while exercising for an hour on our waterway.  The workout is for 60 min. (or less) but we ask that you  arrive at or 5 min. prior to departure time.

(weather permitting and check calendar to confirm dates & times - participation limited to 9)

Is Canoeing Gowanus Good for Your Health?

Reconnecting with nature is beneficial to your health, even on a waterway that has historical contaminated sediment that our EPA has begun to remove.

Canoeing Gowanus has many benefits, in addition to raising awareness, this taste of outdoor adventure in an urban environment reduces stress, improves behavior, memory & cognition, better self-discipline; and even higher test scores for students.

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