Interviews and Incidents by Kristin Texeira

Interviews and Incidents by Brooklyn based artist Kristin Texeira on March 9, 2018

Interviews and Incidents by Kristin Texeira

Court Tree Gallery | Carroll Gardens

Court Tree Gallery presents Interviews and Incidents by Brooklyn based artist Kristin Texeira on March 9, 2018, celebrating the opening with a small tasting by Kar Yee from 7pm to 9pm in Carroll Gardens.

Kristin's oil on paper works have become her own personal stamp. She uses color, sketches and writing to document and preserve her memories. Last year, she made an astounding 6,000 paintings. Not many young artist are nearly as prolific. With this incredible work ethic her work has the unique ability to reach the masses.

Something Soft On The Clock Radio, Oil on paper, 20 × 16 in, 2018 Kristin Texeira


Court Tree first noticed her work at last year's Art on Paper show. It has proliferated around town as you can literally bump into her Brooklyn Heights mural and her Tictail Market mural on the lower east side.

There is something about her work that is relatable on the highest level of the viewer's senses. The original color palettes, the unique shapes, the passages that accompany them. There seems to be something in them for everyone. Kristin Texeira is definitely an artist to watch. Her work has been exhibited both domestically and internationally. This is her first show with Court Tree Gallery. Show runs: March 9th to April 6th, 2018.

Court Tree Gallery, located at Court Tree Collective was established in 2013 by Amy Ng with the primary purpose of representing and supporting the work of emerging, mid-career, and established international contemporary artists.


The Silence Between Two Interviews, Oil on paper, 13 × 13 in, 2018 Kristin Texeira


Beyond Brooklyn

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It was Federica's day. After moving from the 6th starting position to a 2nd place first run finish, Brignone tore up the course in the second run to finish .49 ahead of Ragnhild Mowinckel of Norway.