The Fence debuts for 7th Season in Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Fence 2018 is expected to draw six million visitors to see 41 jury-selected photographers in 8 cities, beginning in Brooklyn Bridge Park on June 20.

The Fence debuts for 7th Season in Brooklyn Bridge Park

United Photo Industries (UPI), the pioneering Brooklyn-based producer of public photography installations and events, is pleased to bring back one of its signature initiatives, THE FENCE, to Brooklyn Bridge Park. A jury of 75 leading photography and art professionals has selected work by 41 photographers from around the world, which UPI has installed along 1,250 feet of the Greenway of the picturesque Brooklyn Bridge Park. THE FENCE will open Wednesday, June 20 and will be on view until September, when UPI’s other signature initiative, Photoville (September 13-23, 2018), a crowd-pleasing pop-up photo destination created in and around more than 60 shipping containers, returns to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

UPI Founders Sam Barzilay, Laura Roumanos and Dave Shelley, along with Jasmin Chang, UPI’s Senior Producer for Education and Special Projects—will lead a tour of THE FENCE and a day of celebration on Thursday, July 19 at 6:30pm which is free and open to the public, when they will also announce the winner of the Juror's Choice Grand Prize, who will receive a grant of $5,000, plus an exhibition in one of the Photoville shipping containers in September. Additionally, a People’s Choice Prize will be awarded to a photographer who will receive a Leica Camera and Leica Akademie master class.

CREATURES: Vote for the People’s Choice Prize awarded to a photographer who will receive a Leica Camera and Leica Akademie master class.


At Brooklyn Bridge Park, THE FENCE stretches from DUMBO at the north end of the park to Pier 3 in the south. Now in its 7th year, THE FENCE draws over 6 million visitors annually through open-air exhibitions in 8 cities across the United States: Brooklyn (NY), Boston (MA), Atlanta (GA), Santa Fe (NM), Durham (NC), Denver (CO), Sarasota (FL), and Calgary, Canada.

THE FENCE welcomes visitors of all-ages to engage with the exhibition through new initiatives which will include a free education resource guide with questions, activities and a scavenger hunt available online. UPI will also host a Teen Photography Day at The FENCE on July 19 . Education initiatives for The FENCE are made possible by in part, by partners PhotoWings.

THE FENCE provides unprecedented exposure and career opportunities to participating photographers, while providing free access to powerful photographic narratives for a wide and diverse audience.

The participating artists—whose work spans the categories of Creatures, Home, People, Streets, Nature, Food and Play—are Pelle Cass, Play Time; Carol Golemboski, That Old Black and White Magic; Raymond Jones, Cascade Roll; Dina Litovsky, Where the Amish Vacation; Meryl Meisler, Playful Sassy 70s; Idris Solomon, Blackbirds; Todd Antony, Dekotora; Natan Dvir, Platforms; Tom Johnson, Pittsburgh Parking Lot Booths and Their Attendants; Griselda San Martin, The Wall; Manuel Seoane, Preste Aymara Celebrations; Wendel White, Red Summer; Brooke DiDonato, As Usual; Ismael Ferdous, Living on the Edge; Charlotta Maria Hauksdottir, Imprints; Ryota Kojita, Ice Formation; Meike Nixdorf, Your Earth Transforms; Robert Pittman, CoalScapes; Tomas Ayuso, Los(t) Boys: Honduran Youth of CDMX; Paula Bronstein, Stranded, Stateless, Unwanted: The Rohingya’s Harrowing Journey; Daniel Edwards, Black Outlined Blue; Lisa Krantz, Rowan’s Reach; Adair Rutledge, Azalea Trail Maids; Tariq Zaidi, The Sapeurs of Brazzaville; Winnie Au, Cone of Shame; Grace Chon, Hairy; Dale Niles, Animal’s Lives Revisited; Anup Shah, Hush; Tristan Spinski, Reliquary; Li Sun, Beholders; Gokce Erenmemisoglu, Yolk; Gabriella Marks, Form / Function / Food; Marianne Marplondon, Mi Casa Es Su Casa; Masumi Shiohara, The Holy Fruition; David Williams, State Fare; Labeth Albert, This Splendid Life; Sara Bennett, Life After Life in Prison; Gabriella Demczuk, Coming Home; Janet Holmes, Is this my beautiful house?; Thomas Holton, The Lams of Ludlow Street: Cindy; and Unhee Park, Host.

PEOPLE: Vote for the People’s Choice Prize awarded to a photographer who will receive a Leica Camera and Leica Akademie master class.


UPI Brings Photoville, a Photo Destination  featuring over 75 exhibitions inside and outside of 55 Shipping Containers, Back to Brooklyn Bridge Park September 13-23, 2018, including a Photo Picnic Gala on September 12, 2018


Additionally, 43 artists have been selected to be featured on a Regional Photographers Showcase, an annex exhibition to The FENCE that features local photographers and will be displayed in Boston, Santa Fe, Durham, Denver and Calgary.

The New England Regional Photographers Showcase will feature Cate Wnek, Raising Goosebumps; Jill Brody, Hidden in Plain Sight; Marky Kauffman, Prayer Pieces; Michael Joseph, Lost and Found; Pamela Pecchio, Habitat; Sarah Rice, What We Need Is Here; Sarah Malakoff, Personal History; Stefanie Klavens, Doo Wop Motels of Wildwood New Jersey; Cassandra Klos, Mars on Earth.

The New Mexico Regional Photographers Showcase will feature Adria Malcolm, Portrait of Santa Rosa; David Saxe, Yemanja; Elizabeth Evans, A Year in Nature; Jonathan Blaustein, Party . City is the Devil; Kevin Black, The New Mexico Cattle Auction; Patti Bose, Dunes; Roberto Rosales, Los Muertos; Stefan Batista, Portholes; Zoe Zimmerman, Her Dream.

The Triangle Region of North Carolina Regional Photographers Showcase will feature Barbara Tyroler, Visitations, Portraits for Imani; Dawn Surratt, Prancing Snowflake; Leah Sobsey and Tim Telkamp, Tintypes: A Community Portrait; Mary Shannon Johnstone, Stardust and Ashes; Nancy Arehart, Blanket of Fog; Rachel Jessen, Girl Wrestle; Ray Pfeiffer, Driving Home - Passing through Time Between the Atlantic and The Great Lakes; Yousuf Zafar, Ghost Town.

The Colorado Regional Photographers Showcase will feature Andrew Forestell, Leave No Trace; Beth Johnston, SOMEW.HERE; Brian Fouhy, Collecting Words; Javier Alvarez, Predio; Matthew DeFeo, American Standard; Paul Sisson, Not So Far From Here; Portia Hensley, Woody Creek Mobile Home Park; Preston Utley, Today’s West; Wendi Schneider, States of Grace.

The Western Canada Regional Photographers Showcase will feature Alana Peterson, Title IX; Amber Bracken, Wasicu and the Eagles; Gerry Dotto, Two Wheelers; Julya Hajnoczky, At the last judgment we will all be trees; Keith Korsgaard, Frozen World; Larry Louie, Rohingya Refugee Children in Bangladesh; Valerie Zink, Fault Lines; Vera Saltzman, O Human Child.

United Photo Industries is a New York-based nonprofit organization that works to promote a wider understanding of and increased access to the art of photography.

Sam Barzilay, Dave Shelley and Laura Roumanos launched United Photo Industries in 2011. In their new ground-floor gallery space at 16 Main Street (formerly the site of Galapagos Art Space) in DUMBO, they work with the ambition and energy of an idealist start-up, identifying, harnessing, and conjuring unexpected exhibition opportunities. Together they champion new directions in photography and cultivate ties within an ever-expanding, globetrotting community of photographers.

Over the past seven years, United Photo Industries has rapidly solidified its position in the public art landscape by consistently showcasing thought-provoking, challenging, and exceptional photography from across the globe.

Proudly devoted to cultivating strategic partnerships, creative collaborations, and community spirit, United Photo Industries has presented dozens of public art installations in partnership with a number of agencies and organizations, including the NYC Department of Transportation, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the NY Department of Parks, NY Waterways and the East River Ferry, the DUMBO BID, and numerous arts festivals both domestic and international.

The marquee event UPI produces each year is Photoville, New York City’s premier free photo destination. A modular venue built from re-purposed shipping containers, Photoville creates a physical platform for photographers of all stripes to come together and interact, and for audiences to experience their work.Each year Photoville exhibits hundreds of artists, with dozens of exhibitions, talks & workshops, and nighttime events in an outdoor beer garden.

FOOD: Vote for the People’s Choice Prize awarded to a photographer who will receive a Leica Camera and Leica Akademie master class.
FOOD: Vote for the People’s Choice Prize awarded to a photographer who will receive a Leica Camera and Leica Akademie master class.