Allan Tannenbaum's Photographic Journey

sizzle reel for a documentary currently in production about the life and work of photojournalist Allan Tannenbaum

Allan Tannenbaum's Photographic Journey

I am proud to know Allan Tannenbaum, one of the best photographers I have ever known. His work from the early days of rock n' roll is legendary and his photographs from 9/11 are frightening. Just an amazing life in photography.

Watch the sizzle reel for a documentary currently in production about the life and work of photojournalist Allan Tannenbaum.


Allan Tannenbaum - Documentary Trailer from Allan Tannenbaum on Vimeo.


While working for the SoHo News, Tannenbaum also freelanced for magazines such as Newsweek and New York Magazine. He also syndicated his SoHo News photos to newspapers, magazines, and photo agencies.

Upon the demise of the SoHo News, Tannenbaum joined the renowned Sygma Photo News as a Staff Photographer. He began covering national and international stories of historical importance. He traveled with Geraldine Ferraro on her 1984 vice-presidential campaign and went to Nicaragua that year to cover preparations there for a feared U.S. attack. His first really big international stories were the volcanic disaster in Colombia that buried alive over 20,000 people, and unrest in South Africa. Since then he has covered, among many international news events, the Philippine Revolution, the Karenni rebellion in Burma, the Palestinian Intifada, violent demonstrations in Korea, the siege of Kabul, German reunification, the situation in Northern Ireland, Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait and Iraq, the Gulf Crisis in 1998 from the nuclear carrier U.S.S. George Washington in the Persian Gulf, and the Rwandan refugee crisis. He won a first prize in Spot New Stories at the World Press Photo competition in 1989 for his coverage of the Intifada. Tannenbaum has also done documentary and feature photography in places like Thailand, Indonesia, Palau, Jordan, Bahrain, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Brazil, Israel, Iceland, and Mexico. He has covered numerous political campaigns and nominating conventions and has covered news stories in the U.S. such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine massacre. His work has appeared in many photo books and exhibitions, as well as appearing regularly in NEWSWEEK, TIME, LIFE, ROLLING STONE, PARIS MATCH, and STERN. His photographs have graced the covers of TIME three times, and NEWSWEEK five times.

Ironically, Tannenbaum got the biggest and most dangerous story of his career just six blocks from his home – the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Tannenbaum photographed the explosion of the second plane and Ground Zero between tower collapses. He was covered in dust and debris when the first tower collapsed, but stayed at the site to keep working. His photographs of this terrible event have been published all over the world and have been in photography exhibitions as well. For more than six years, he has been working on a photo story titled 9/11: Still Killing – The Hidden Victims. This story consists of portraits of many of the first responders, recovery workers, downtown residents, and workers who have been getting sick and dying as a result of toxic exposures on 9/11 and afterwards. In addition to the photographs, Tannenbaum also conducts in-depth video interviews. In 2013 Tannenbaum received a proclamation from the Council of the City of New York recognizing his service to all New Yorkers with his 9/11-related photography.

He now works with Polaris Images and the Tribeca Trib, photographing mainly in New York City. The New York Press Photographers Association presented Tannenbaum with four awards in its 2011 competition.


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